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Outdoor Decks

At Coastal Lumber, our specialty is outdoor decking. There are few enhancements that will impact your home in such a positive way as a beautiful outdoor deck. Aside from the intrinsic value that a new deck offers, it will literally change the way you live.

By adding livable space, making use of “unusable” areas of your property and creating a place to entertain friends and family, your new deck may be one of the single most important additions you will ever make to your home.

Coastal Lumber’s experienced installation consultants also specialize in designing and building your dream deck for you.

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redwood deck

Redwood Decking

Coastal Lumber is famous for our Redwood construction and supplies, and we highly recommend Redwood as your choice for a new deck. Redwood is sturdy, it’s durable and it is very resistant to outdoor elements such as insects and weather. Its beauty is legendary is one of the most popular choices for home owners and building contractors alike.

Available in the traditional 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8 dimensions in 20′ s4s con heart. Redwood decking is now also available in the 5/4” size, which is the economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

composite decking

Composite Decking

For those looking for alternatives to traditional hardwood decks, we highly recommend composite decking. Composite decking combines the best properties of wood and plastic to create a deck that some might say looks like real wood, only better.

The composite process shields the wood from moisture and insect damage and prevents rotting and splintering. The wood protects the plastic from sun damage and provides a natural look and feel.

One of the great advantages of composite decking is that it is very low maintenance and requires only periodic cleaning to stay looking good for years to come. Composite decking from Coastal Lumber doesn’t deteriorate over time due to harsh weather or insect infestations. It’s also splinter-free and maintains traction, even when wet.

Composite decking contains no chemicals or preservatives, so it’s a perfect, safe choice for families and pets. Since it repels damage from moisture it’s an excellent option for pool areas, hot tubs and spas.

nylodeck decking


When it comes to decking material, NyloDeck stands out from the rest. It is called the ‘non-composite composite,’ because of its unparalleled strength and durability that is superior to leading wood plastic composites and PVC. NyloDeck is perfect for creatively styled deck designs that can be used and enjoyed for years and years. For builders and home improvement contractors, NyloDeck offers more and better options due to it’s strong, yet lightweight construction, making it easy to install.

NyloDeck’s unique 3 dimensional embossing process makes a finish that, is not only beautiful, but holds up to stains and fading, and is covered by a comprehensive warranty. There are 6 popular shades of NyloDeck to choose from that have a natural looking finish giving off the look of real wood, complementing your outdoor decor. Colors include: Harbor Gray, Newport White, Mountain Mocha, Saddle Rose, Desert Spice and Coastal Mist.
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