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wooden trellis over fence

Trellises For More Than Just Climbing Vines

A Trellisis an architectural structure, usually made from interwoven pieces of wood or metal that is often made to support climbing plants. A trellis can also refer to a structure, usually made from interwoven wood pieces, attached to the roof or exterior walls of a house, also known as a Pergola.

Some trellises are made simply to enjoy as a lovely piece of landscaping architecture that provides shade a esthetic beauty.Coastal Lumber offers many styles, sizes and varieties of trellises to enhance and beautify your property.

For plant lovers, there are many types of trellis for different places and for different plants, such as sweet peas, grapevines, ivy, and climbing roses or other support based growing plants. While metal trellises are typically very ornate, they may not be the best choice for many vining plants. As the sun beats on the metal, it gets very hot, and actually stunts the growth of many vines.

For tender plants such as sweet peas, beans, and morning glories, wood or string are the preferred choices. Coastal Lumber can help with choosing the correct materials, sizes and designs for your Trellis.

Contact us today to learn more about trellises and how they can add a unique elegance to your outdoor living area.