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Redwood – the Perfect Wood for Outdoor Use

redwood rough deckRedwood is a special wood, in part because of its unique cellular structure, and remains one of the most popular woods for outdoor construction.

It is light, durable and resistant to insects and decay. Because of the special properties of Redwood it is the perfect choice for fencing, decking and other common building projects.

There are over 30 different grades of Redwood to choose from. Coastal Lumber carries many types of Redwood and can provide virtually any size board your project may require:

  • Con-Common Redwood
  • Con-Heart Redwood
  • Redwood – Rough, Surfaced and Resawn
  • 1×2 – 1×12 Rough Construction, and S4S B Grade
  • 2×2 – 2×12 Rough Construction, Rough Patio Grade, S4S Construction, S4S Const. Heart & B grade
  • 2×6 S4S Const. Common, S4S Select, S4S Const. Heart & B grade
  • 4×4 – 4×12 Rough Construction Heart, Rough Patio Grade and Surfaced Construction Heart
  • 6×6 – 6×12 Rough Construction Heart, 6×6 also available in Surfaced
  • 8×8 Rough Construction Heart
  • Timbers – Available 12×12 and larger in lengths exceeding 30′ Special Order
  • Clear Heart: 1×2 – 1×12 and 2×2 – 2×12
  • 4×6- 6×6 Rough Clear Heart Air Dried


A Very Special Wood

As the name suggests, Redwood is imbued with beautiful reddish tones that compliment its surroundings and provide stunning visual impact.

Wood in general is very porous, however, Redwood is special because it is less subject to swelling and shrinking than other wood species. That means more longevity, durability and less likelihood of cracking and splitting.

For builders, Redwood is easy to work with because of its lighter weight, lack of resins and strength, but its also easier to saw, nail and drill.