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Western Red Cedar

western red cedar lumber stackWestern Red Cedar is a wood species native to the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada and is a common building material choice for wood decks and fencing. Western Red Cedar has a natural beauty that is simply unmatched, but decks and fencing made with this special wood have much more going for them than good looks alone. Coastal Lumber can help you extend your living space outdoors and with Western Red Cedar the look of your home can be updated and contemporary. Coastal Lumber has a Red Cedar inventory that is unmatched in the Bay Area. Our trained lumber experts can help you find the right sizes, cuts and lengths for your project’s needs, and we can deliver anywhere in the greater Bay Area region.


western red cedar boards

Available Sizes

    • 545 or Resawn Finish Available
    • 1×4 – 1×12 Select Tight Knott
    • 2×2 – 2×12
    • 3×6
    • 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 4×12
    • 6×6, 6×8
    • 8×8
    • 1×6 and 1×8 Select Tight Knot Tongue and Groove
    • Western Red Cedar Timbers to 40’12” Special Order
    • Other Cedar Timbers Available Special Order
    • Incense Cedar timbers from 16’12” to 32’12”
    • Port Orford Cedar available from 20’12” to 40’12”
    • Surfaced, Clear: 1×4-2×12
    • 2×6 and 3×6 Select Tight Knotty Decking
western red cedar fence

A Durable and Long-Lasting Wood

Wood must always be protected against decay and insect attack. Western Red Cedar is a special wood in that it produces its own preservative oils with minimal pitch and resin. For decking, Cedar is an especially good choice due to its strength and ability to stay flat, straight and resist checking. Although Western Red Cedar is durable and strong, it is also relatively light weight, which makes it easy to work with when building decks and fences. It is ideal for almost all types of finishes. Contact Coastal Lumber today to learn more and find out why builders consider Western Red Cedar the “natural” choice!