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The Types of Tools we Offer

Coastal Lumber has a wide and up-to-date selection of quality hand tools and power tools that are perfect for just about any building or construction project.

We offer a full range from some of the most trusted and respected names in the building industry, like DeWalt, Bostitch, Porter Cable. Milwaukee and more.

Our trained tool experts can help you find exactly the tool you’re looking for based on the type of work you’ll be doing.

hand power drills


Drills are often used in wood and metalworking to drill holes and secure materials together with screws. Different types of drills exist and each type is intended for various purposes, including milling, masonry, metal, and more. Drill styles vary from corded to cordless and handheld to large drill presses. Currently some of the most used drills are the handheld cordless and corded drills. Corded Drills need to be plugged into a constant supply of power from an outlet or a generator. Corded drills can provide greater, more consistent, torque and higher RPM over their cordless counterparts.

air compressors


An Air Compressor is a must have tool if you wish to use pneumatic (air) Power tools. A compressor makes use of a piston to force air into a tank until it reaches a specified pressure. There are single stage and two-stage compressors for your specific needs. Single stage compressors make use of a single piston to pressurize the tank and usually are rated for less than 150psi. Two-stage compressors use two pistons to pressurize the tank with a pressure rating above 150psi. Two-stage compressors are often used in commercial applications.

nail guns

Nail Guns

Nail Guns are designed for driving nails or staples into various materials. Nail guns have essentially become a necessity for a flawless woodwork. They do not leave unsightly hammering marks on the wood. Only the nail hole is left. The goal of a nail gun is to help speed up the construction process by allowing you to drive nails at a much higher rate than with a common hammer. This also means less fatigue for the user and no smashed fingers. The nail is driven to a depth controlled by settings on the nail gun itself or by the air pressure of the compressor.

circular power saws

Circular Saws

A Circular saw is used to cut wood, steel, tile, and masonry. Circular Saws use blades that make long, straight cuts across a board (crosscut or rip cut). A Circular saw general falls in one of two categories, worm drive or sidewinder drive. The two categories are dependent on how the motor drive is mounted. Other components of a circular saw include a footplate for resting against the work surface, depth adjustment options to account for varying material thickness, and a blade guard to protect the user & blade when not in use.

recip saws

Recip Saws

Recip Saws transform rotation power into a high-speed, forward-backward motion for quickly sawing through various materials. Other names for the reciprocating saw include Recipro saw, Sabre saw and Sawzall™ (a trademarked product made by Milwaukee). There are various types of blades designed for reciprocating saws. The blades are specifically designed for materials such as masonry, wood, concrete, metal, tile, and more. Reciprocating saws come in cordless and corded versions.

roto hammers

Roto Hammers

Coastal Lumber Power Tools carries a vast selection of demolition tools to conquer concrete, wood, metal, plastic, mortar, tile and other hard materials while including features that maximize user comfort and convenience. Roto hammers are built for the professional contractor. Rotary Hammer drills are primarily designed for heavy-duty masonry work including boring huge holes into structural concrete, ripping up ceramic tiles, and even light demolition work..

skil saws

Skill Saws

When it comes to finding the right skill saw for your construction or woodworking business, Coastal Lumber has got the information you need to make your decision much easier. A skill saw is a popular tool among construction workers and handymen that makes quick straight cuts across a board or other material.

Skills saws can also be used for making bevel or angled cuts. They are probably one of the most popular tools that come with cord or without cord. Battery-powered cordless skill saws simplify the job of cutting plywood and lumber. These products are designed to be easy to use and cost effective.